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I've been a little lax in my Zuka activity of late, I know, but I still keep one eye on proceedings, and I have to admit I'm secretly kind of delighted about Kacha's move to Tsukigumi. She's performed with them before, admittedly a few years ago, and worked well with them, and Soragumi just has too many strong upperclassman. I'm hoping this means they can see her potential to stay on the Star Track. I'll be writing to her sooner or later to squee anyway :)
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I now own all eight of Kacha's postcards :D SQUEE! Plus many, many pretty photographs! I am a happy fangirl :)
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I haven't been speculating much, simply because so many others were but I got to thinking that the main contenders are Eritan and Masaki. Only just now I came to the realisation that they're not the only ones.

After all, Toyoko's show went on sale today. What if they're waiting to see how her sales go before the final choice is made? After all, she's been semi-nibante for years, she's mature, she's capable, and she would definitely be able to support Tsukigumi to allow Masaki a bit more time to learn not to kill herself with exhaustion with every show.

Toyoko would be a lovely Top, I think. We'll see what they come up with, though. I know everyone is starting to get a bit antsy about it, what with the final KiriMari show already running.

(Personally, I would love to see an interim top with Micchan then brought in from Senka, a la Rika and Saeko, but I suspect that won't happen)


Jan. 24th, 2012 07:18 pm
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I've just realised that I have woefully neglected this particular journal of mine. I keep getting distracted by Life, which is always a tricky thing to negotiate with.

However, today I have cause to squee. The new postcards are up and Kacha is up to eight! On top of this, she is one of 5 Soragumi Otokoyaku who get cards, and given that two of them will shortly be leaving Soragumi, I can't help squee happily for my girl :)

I also was lucky enough to get a reijou last week, and on the whole, am on cloud nine on a fangirl front. Now, I just need to find a contact in J-land who is willing/able to grab the cards I don't have for me :)
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There has been a rather announcement made, re. transfers. I generally like transfers. It shakes up the dynamics and makes things interesting.

However, one of the transfers today has left me staring blankly at the screen. Ema Naoki is to be pulled out of Hoshigumi and into Senka. Ema Naoki. Mariko's batchmate sempai. She has been in that troupe since she started with the company. To be honest, I would rather she retired than be taken from Hoshi :( She is Hoshi.
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The big news of the day is that Kiriya Hiromu, topstar of Tsukigumi, is retiring. It feels strange, knowing this is the first time I can clearly remember the retirements of two successive top stars. I joined fandom just as Komu was departing, and I saw Mizu going as well, but I didn't really remember Komu's departure so well.

This time, it's Kiriyan. Kiriyan who has been the face of Tsukigumi for me for years, as so many people came and went. Kiriyan, who took every role and made it her own. Kiriyan, who made me laugh and cry and simply be awed. Kiriyan, who has Finch-kun.

I'm not sad, persay. I'm happy to see a Topstar who has polished her troupe until it shone. Asako was wonderful, but Tsuki's glitter was fading when she left. Kiriyan took her troupe and made it shine again, so brightly. I was fortunate enough to see their bitter, melancholy Elisabeth with Asako and then the sheer, exuberant madness that was The Gypsy Baron in Tokyo.

Kiriyan renewed Tsukigumi and she's leaving while it's still blazing like a firework. She's leaving while she's healthy and happy and the troupe are at their best. She's taken the troupe she loves and polished it until it shines, and now, she's ready to let it go.

And to be honest, I can not wait to see what she's going to do next :)
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So, summer messages. I've never had one before. Are they the equivalent of New Year cards? Also, do they tend to be hand-written or usually only just signed with a standard printed message? (Incidentally, this is not a bad thing to come back to after a holiday :))
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A little package arrived for me a few days ago. For the first time, I own something that was not for sale in Quatre Reves or Taka-an! I have some beautiful photos of my girl in the Emperor Norton show :D The preciouses, they are pretty :) Also, Kacha should try imitating Chauvelin more often. She looks all Grr and Feisty, especially while fondling a sword :) I like. One day, I hope the show makes it to DVD, and failing that, would be quite happy with SkyStage.
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→ Comment with "SHINY!"
→ I'll respond by asking you FIVE questions so I can get to know you better.
→ Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
→ Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

Nabbed from Charis :)

Q&As )
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I'm a few days late, but Mariko's website was updated and she's doing shows this autumn! Hoshina Yuri! MY COMBI!!! :D (Oh, and Ootori Ran, Tani, Midori Hatsukaze...)

New layout

May. 20th, 2011 06:59 pm
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So, I felt that it was time I put my stamp and my girl on my DW account :)
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So a CD has been released, featuring songs performed by various otokoyaku. Including my girl :D :D

Seriously, this on top of being the face of Ponds for Soragumi and getting postcards. She really is getting pimped all over the shop :)
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I can freely admit I wasn't a Soragumi fan until I fell for one of their girls. Since then, I've been working on playing catch-up with their older shows, and was honestly so excited to see For Whom The Bell Tolls when I went to the land of J. (And not just for Kacha, either ;D)

But really, they are so generous to their squeeing fangirls. So, so generous :) I don't write to get responses, because I know they're rare, especially for us fans outside of J-land. I write to show support and to squee at how well someone is doing etc. It's a tough job they do, and I want them to know that even if I can't make it there more than once every year or so, I'm still watching and cheering for them.

Still, it is a delightful and giddy-making pleasure when you get home to find mail postmarked J-land. There have been several pieces of mail since I got back from my trip in November, on the back of my "OMG BELL!" letters.

Today was the icing on the cake. A certain lady has just made my month, especially since it's the first time I've garnered a response from a Musumeyaku to my babbling squee :) Feeling so giddy now :D Yay Takarazuka :)
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Anyone who has been in Takarazuka fandom for a while now won't have missed the scandal surrounding the 96th class. I have been staying away from it, because while I have my views, I try to remain neutral online, but I have to say something. Not all the details are known, but there was a trial and girls who are now Takarasiennes were called as witnesses and/or culprits.

One of these girls was Yumeka Ami, who has - in the last few days - been signed off sick for an indefinite period. This is very shortly after Soranami Kou, another of the girls who was called to trial, also withdrew from all performances for the time-being on 'health grounds'.

Siennes do not get time off for health reasons unless it is very serious, and while there is speculation that Hankyu are trying to shuffle Ami-chan discreetly to the sidelines, if she has been driven off-stage due to undisclosed health reasons, there's good reason to be concerned. Similarly, Chiko-chan's absence is equally disconcerting. Normally, if a Sienne is sick, there is an update as to why. Simply being 'off sick' does not happen.

I'm posting this now, because I wrote it in response to a fellow LJ-ers query about why people felt the need to support Ami-chan and Chiko-chan too. I think I can say without contradiction that we do not condone bullying, and while we acknowledge the bullying was bad, what is being done to these girls is worse.

Japanese culture is all about bullying people into fitting in. The thing that is exceptional in this case is that someone actually stood up and said they weren't going to take it. Ami-chan may have been the scapegoat, but she was simply doing what her culture had indoctrinated her to do. The ring-leader was alledgedly expelled anyway, so Ami-chan and Chiko-chan, as two who were pulled into the trial, have become the public faces of the whole affair.

As head of the class, their social setup would be that whoever is in charge has to break those junior to her into submission. Ami-chan was very high up in ranks, so it was expected that she would make others toe the line. It's a huge part of Japanese culture which Westerners tend to overlook. A friend of mine over there has been marginalised and pushed aside all her life, even by her family, for simply choosing to do what made her happy, rather than the traditional thing.

The girl who was bullied is not the first TMS student or even Sienne to have acknowledged bullying within TMS and the company itself. Rika infamously mentioned it when she was interviewed. It's been around for a long time. It's part of not only the social structure, but also games of hierarchy. I'm sure that most Siennes are nice, but you can't seriously believe in a company of 400 women, some of them aren't complete controlling bitches. I'm a girl and I know how nasty we can be, even the nicest of us.

But, the reason why many people are defending Yumeka Ami now especially is this simple fact: no child deserves to be driven to a nervous breakdown for something she already no doubt feels ashamed about. She has been brought to bear for her actions, and she definitely was not the only one involved. Yes, she was a bully, but that in turn does not excuse the fact that angry fans are doing exactly to her what she did to the unnamed girl.

Hankyu are very much not helping by shoving her into the spotlight and making sure no one forgets her. They could have let her linger in the background until the furore over the trial died down, but they are pushing her, and pushing her hard. She would not be the first young Sienne to crack under the pressure.

The health issue thing is especially uncomfortable. The last time someone suspended performances on unspecified health grounds, it was Mizuse Chiaki. She had a nervous breakdown due to the internal pressure of the company and from the looks of it, was manipulated into pornography to make ends meet. I saw clips of her interviewed regarding her adult video, and the poor girl looked like she was drugged out of her mind and a shell of herself.

I do not want to see another girl, who was following the social norms in Japan, as bad as they are, to end up going down the same route because she has become the scapegoat for generations of bullying in Takarazuka. Yes, what they did was bad, but they have been forced to admit and acknowledge that. Breaking them is just as bad.
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Everyone has stories they like and would love to see adapted to film, but I've been pondering on what I would really like to see done by Takarazuka. They've already done a shedload of my favourites but I got to wondering what I would really like to see.

Ponderational babble. )
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Thanks to m'dear Beth, I now have my grubby hands on Je Chante, and this show is really raising a banner that Kacha could and may be a great Top Star of the future. I've only started watching bits due to wooze and head-spinning, but in the bits I've seen so far, she reminded me of young Komu with a side of Yuu-kun's comic timing but ery much inspired by the ladies who have led her troupe since her debut. I especially like 'Boum' :) Can't wait to sit down and watch the rest.
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My girl now officially has postcards :D I might be squeeing like anything over here! Now, to get a hold of them ;)
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I finally sorted out my stash from my trip in November. It's not as extensive as last year, simply because I have all the Mariko merchandise there is, except CDs, and really, I don't have any particular craving for them.

But here it is: Snipped for the uninterested. )
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I've been writing to Kacha going on two years. She has just ensured that she has an utterly loyal fan in me for the next goodness knows how many :D Whee! (Not that she would have lost me, but whee! :D)


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